11 Best Dropshipping Christmas Product Ideas In 2020

Christmas is largely considered the most important event of the year for dropshippers. So, I prepped a guide for you about how to spot dropshipping Christmas product winners in 2020!

Q4 is the time of the year when e-commerce sees the largest increase in sales. Entrepreneurs prepare for this period by pre-ordering large quantities of inventory. Dropshippers, on the other hand, increase their ad spend and try to scale ASAP.

I wrote an article about the best niches for Q4, where I explain more about Q4 and introduce 5 niches that pop off during this period.

In any case, Christmas is not a one-day event. It’s not like Valentine’s, Black Friday, or Halloween. These events are better left to experienced dropshippers, because they require fast scaling up, and therefore more upfront budget.

Christmas google trends

As you can see by above Google Trends data, interest in Christmas starts as early as October.

So start ASAP if you want to get a piece of the e-com pie this year!

Why is it important to target and sell dropshipping Christmas products?

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Right?

It’s a Christian celebration meant to commemorate the birth of Jesus. However, people all around the world mostly see it as a time to finally sit down with the family, have a few cosy evenings together, and pig out on delicious food.

Another reason why everyone seems to be so fond of dear Christmas is gifting.

It’s a time for everyone to spend guilt-free.

“What? No! I’m not buying this expensive tea set that I absolutely don’t need for myself! Yes, I know I have an identical one at home! I’m not hoarding, I’m gifting! To myself…”

Yes, it’s a period for people to splurge on self-care, family-care, friend-care, colleague-care. Which is great! For us e-com folk.

Now, I know that most people are aware of these spending habits. People love to spend. And now they finally have a reason to! So, how much do people actually spend? What do they spend on?

Let’s look at some numbers from an American study:

  • In 2019 holiday retail sales surpassed the trillion-dollar mark (yes, 12 zeros), with U.S. households spending an average of $1,536 during the season. Let me write that out for you: 1 trillion equals 1,000,000,000,000.
  • More than 60% of US consumers prefer to buy their holiday gifts online. This year with the pandemic the number will be much higher!
  • High-income households are more likely to shop online for Christmas gifts. This means you can dropship higher ticket items!
  • Americans spend an average of $123 on their spouses for Christmas. Gifts for her, and him! Hint hint.
  • 49% of Americans don’t want to spend any money on Christmas decorations. Don’t dropship decorations.
  • 47.4% of women want to get jewelry for Christmas.
  • 51% of Christmas shoppers buy gifts for themselves, too.

All of these stats show why it is important to dropship Christmas products. E-com sales are off the chart. People are willing to spend more, and buy higher-priced items.

People are spending left, right, and center. Now, it is still important to know which products will sell well during Christmas. I already mentioned that jewelry is one of them, while Christmas decorations may be not. But we’ll address this later in the article!

How COVID-19 influences Christmas 2020

As entrepreneurs, we should always be on top of the game and think of the current world situation.

This year has been nothing short of surprising. When coronavirus started spreading, no one really knew what to do, and you could see confusing messages online regarding the impact of e-com.

Some said to stick to same-old principles, and processes, others halted their businesses, the rest scaled down. Now we know that corona actually means… green light for e-com as well as dropshipping!

There’s a bunch of articles written and studies done regarding e-commerce expenses in year 2020. BigCommerce wrote one of them.

As you can see in the image below some sales actually decreased. Of course, no survey can represent the whole picture, and should be completely trusted. But you can see that the e-com sales in a few categories increased.

  • Baby
  • Medical
  • Cleaning
  • Food & Beverage
  • Work from home
  • Health & Wellness
  • Toys & Games
  • Pets
  • Household
  • Beauty & Care
  • Outdoor
  • Electronics
  • Sports & Fitness

Most of these with the exception of medical, cleaning, and food & beverage would make great dropshipping niches, and contain plenty of sellable dropshipping Christmas products.

ecommerce consumer sales by niche

What makes a product an ideal candidate for Christmas?

As we saw in the image above, Christmas doesn’t mean “post whatever, and you shall get sales”. There’s a general trend of products that are popular during this time, and I think most criteria won’t come as a surprise.

So, for a product to be a “winner”, it should be:

  • Giftable: it’s Xmas, ya’ll! Everyone’s shopping for gifts. Think in terms of ‘gifts for her’, ‘gifts for him’. People are shopping for gifts for their loved ones, respectable relatives, co-workers, their own selves, their kids, and more. Make this personal. Think in terms of yourself. What do you shop for during the holiday period? Socks, cups, bath bombs, mascara? What would you love to receive? What would WOW you?
  • Customizable: as I’ve mentioned before, you need to make this personal. The holiday season is all about sparking emotion. A simple jewelry piece is just a piece, but if it has your anniversary date engraved on it, that’s a whole other story! And if you’re thinking “but how can I find a customizable dropshipping Christmas product?”, there’s plenty! In fact, if you head to AliExpress you’ll notice that the most sold jewelry pieces are customizable ones.
  • Unique: this goes without saying to any dropshippable item. If the item is trivial and can be found in stores, people will start comparing. They’ll notice the long shipping times and go to the shop instead. They’ll see you’re charging more, and no branding will be able to fix that, since you’re a new store.
  • Luxury: people are willing to spend more on Christmas. As I’ve mentioned in the study above, the people that shop online are often high-earners. They will be looking for expensive gifts for their spouse, their kid, parents, coworkers etc. That’s how you can get away with selling higher-priced items.
  • A toy, hobby piece: if you have a kid, you’ll know that the only plausible gift is a toy. And kids are the ones that tend to receive the most gifts during Christmas! I would average 4-5 gifts for Christmas as a kid, and I didn’t even live in a very well-off country. Moreover, if a person is passionate about a hobby or skill, it becomes easier to buy a gift. If relatives know that you love skiing, they’ll buy you gloves, a suit, skis – everything about your hobby. So, it makes sense to build a niche store around a hobby to encourage these purchases.
  • Anything you can imagine receiving for Christmas!

So, enough chit-chat and let’s get to the list!

11 Christmas product ideas to sell in 2020

This list should give you an overall understanding of what sells well during this Christmas. Remember, this is a Christmas like no other with the pandemic around. It can be that the current hot dropshipping Christmas products are nothing like they used to be! Or nothing you expected them to be.

I will include links to the AliExpress listings so you could analyse these products yourselves. But, have in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of things you can sell. It’s even better to come up with your own ideas, as I’m sure many people will try selling these items when they see this article.

I’m trialing a software called Sell The Trend for this post. It has a 7 day free trial, so you can make the most of it before deciding to pay. It’s quite pricey, so if you’re on a low budget, it won’t be viable to you!

1. Flip Octopus Plus Toy

octopus flip toy

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

This invertible octopus plushie has been circulating in the social media for a while now. And according to Sell The Trend data it does not intend to stop!

This kind of metrics can also be evaluated in websites like Google Trends. While it doesn’t track dropshipping orders specifically, it checks the interest, and search data for a specific query.

So, this product has raked nearly 28k orders so far. But is this a viable dropshipping Christmas product? YES!

  • Unique: the octopus plushie is cute, an inverts to show a happy or an angry face. You cannot find it easily in stores, therefore it’s hard to estimate its value!
  • Giftable: definitely yes! Heck, even I considered ordering it when I first saw it. And I am not a plushie neither an octopi fan. This would make a great gift for a child or a friend, even your partner if you’re in a cutesy relationship!

2. Car Windshield Cover

windshield cover

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

A car windshield cover made to protect the car from excess snow and freezing. This one is less of an emotional, impulse buy, but more of a ‘solves a problem’ type of product.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But didn’t you say Christmas is the time for emotional buying and all the yadda yadda” – yes, that’s true! But, I also mentioned people gift their own selves, they splurge on whatever brings them benefit.

  • Unique: the windshield cover is definitely one of a kind. I come from a cold country, and I witnessed first-hand how hard it is to remove snow, and ice from your car first thing in the morning. These kinds of emotions will inspire the buyer to purchase this item right away!
  • Giftable: yes! But mostly to your own self. Think about it. Imagine you have a car somewhere in Canada. It snows and freezes heaps. It’s Christmas time, you notice this product, think about all the car-related hardships and decide to treat yourself. It’s Christmas after all!

3. Color Changing Flower Jelly Lipstick

color changing lipstick

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Just like the octopus plushie, I’ve seen this product circulating the digital space for a while now. And again, Sell The Trend data is indicating it’s nowhere near stopping!

Even more importantly, the product is in the beauty niche. A niche that is evergreen throughout the year, and consists mostly of women.

Women are eager to spend a lot on their beauty, and lipsticks are considered high-value items. Therefore, as you can see the profit margin on this item is very high.

  • Unique: most lipsticks come in a color. This one is transparent, with beautiful flowers reflected within it. And even if it is transparent, when you apply it on the lips, it adds a specific color! Works like magic.
  • Giftable: yes! Women are suckers for pretty makeup. It is quite common for men to gift their female partners lipsticks. That’s what mine did at least! The packaging is also very appealing, which is rare for dropshipping items.

4. Mother Daughter Necklace

mother daughter necklace

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Now, this product is very specific. It exists to symbolize the mother-daughter relationship.

I’m not sure exactly if it allows any personalized messages, or engravings, but this is what I had in mind when I said that personal items as such sell very well.

If you can see in the image, the product cost is 5 USD, but selling for near 50 US. The profit margin is off the chart. The sales grew rapidly and topped the chart as well.

  • Unique: unique necklace meant specifically to be given to a daughter by a mother. You cannot always find custom jewelry like that in the store. Even if you can, the perceived value of such items is usually very high.
  • Giftable: yes! This item is specifically meant to be a gift. Maybe the daughter is leaving home for college next year and the mother wants to gift a parting necklace. In any case, the item also comes in great packaging, which adds to the representability.

5. Custom Christmas Tree Lamps

custom christmas tree lamps

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Now, I’ve seen the typical fairy lights all around the cyber space. I’ve seen various Christmas tree lights as well. However, this one specifically caught my eye.

As you can see this dropshipping Christmas product is on the more pricey end of things, but the sales are topping the charts. Besides, you need to sell less of an expensive product to see the same results as with a lower ticket item.

So, let’s looksie:

  • Unique: these Christmas tree lights change into a pattern you specify on a phone app. I saw listings on a remote control controlling lights. However, in this case, you can change the whole pattern of the tree with just one swipe. Now, that’s cool.
  • Luxury: this item is on the more expensive side (above 100 USD). Therefore, it can be considered a luxury.
  • Giftable: yes! To yourself. You want to gift yourself an emotion of a beautiful Christmas with a remarkable Christmas tree. You also want to boast to your friends!

6. Levitating Bonsai Pot

levitating bonsai pot

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Don’t tell me this product doesn’t WOW you!

I’m not a plant geek, and I know how magnets work, so I know for a fact this is not magic. But the way the product looks is just powerful.

This item doesn’t fall under any particularly popular dropshipping niche, and you may be thinking what this has to do with Christmas.

So, let’s go through the bullet points again.

  • Unique: definitely. I mean, come on, it’s a levitating bonsai flower pot. What is not unique about this? You can definitely not meet this product in stores on a regular basis.
  • Luxury: this item is on the more expensive side (above 100 USD). Therefore, it can be considered a luxury.
  • Giftable: yes! Especially to someone that loves plants, and gardening. Even a person that is easily amazed would be happy to be gifted an item like this. It’s definitely a great conversation starter – a levitating flower pot!
  • Hobby: people that love plants are as passionate and crazy about their planters as people with pets. Therefore, if you manage to find where these plant lovers hang around, you’ll be able to tap into a very engaged audience and even upsell some more to them.

7. LED Pet Nail Clippers

led pet nail clippers

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Now this is definitely a game changer for pet lovers!

I had a dog some years ago and I remember the pain my dog had to go through whenever I needed to get his nails trimmed… Dogs have skin extending until some point within the nail, and if you cut it by accident, it bleeds and is very painful!

It’s very hard to estimate how far to cut the nail. This dropshipping Christmas product comes as a direct solution! I wish I had it in my life back then.

  • Unique: definitely. I’ve not seen nail clippers with a LED light on them. Now when I look at it, it seems ingenious. I would hands down only buy clippers like these if I had a pet, and I’m sure stores don’t own much of these.
  • Giftable: yes! Especially to a dog, cat lover. Like I’ve already mentioned, people are crazy about their pets. They consider them their children. Moreover, this can be a Christmas gift from a pet lover to their pet! People don’t exclude their pets from Santa’s list.

8. Build On Brick Mug

build on brick mug

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Items like these sell very well as dropshipping products. Once there was a Game of Thrones mug that did well, then a camera lens mug, music mug etc.

Now, it’s a Minecraft, lego mug!

Sales and interest are climbing for this product. And the product itself costs below 1 USD to purchase, so it’s perfect for beginners.

Remember, once a customer places an order, you have to pay for it from your pocket! You only get money from Shopify in a week or so. Therefore, if you don’t have a large budget, dropship lower ticket items.

  • Unique: definitely. You don’t see lego mugs lying around on the store shelves on a daily basis. This is very much a niche item, that you could only see in a hobby shop for an expensive price.
  • Giftable: yes! This mug just screams “Minecraft” to me. Of course, to avoid being copyright struck, we will call it “Build on Brick Mug”. But this product should sell well to gamers, Minecraft, Lego enthusiasts. Even parents, who want to buy their kid something unique would be interested in this item.
  • Customizable: the mug comes with a set of lego pieces that you can arrange however you want. This gives a personal touch to the mug. Like you can be part of its creation.
  • Toy/Hobby: gamers are very passionate about their games. Such as kids are passionate about their toys or certain characters. Boys tend to be passionate about lego.

9. Mini Drone

mini drone

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Drones cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. The price on the image is wrong, but if you head to the AliExpress listing, you’ll see that the price of this drone is only around 30 USD.

That’s a great selling point of this item. Very competitive price for those who just want to get a taste of drone-flying.

This is one of those items that could work great in times of coronavirus. Since the drone can fly great distances, you could visit your favorite places in the city without having to come in contact with anyone.

It can work wonders if you’re a travel addict or just a curious individual who is finding it hard to cope with the current isolation.

  • Unique: partially. Drones are not uncommon and can be found in most technology shops. However, this specific drone is small, light, and extremely cheap. I doubt you could come across a 30 USD functional drone in any US shop. That’s what makes it unique!
  • Giftable: yes! Technology is among the most gifted items during Christmas. This would work well for a drone photography enthusiast, a curious child, or anyone that likes technology gadgets.
  • Toy/Hobby: the mini drone could be used as a toy, or to support a passionate hobby like drone photography.

10. 3D Animal Coffee Mugs

3d animal coffee mugs

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Same as with the above Build On Brick Mug, there is also an emerging trend of the Corgi or French Bulldog mugs!

What is interesting about this product is that it literally just started to gain traction. If you look at the image, you can see that Sell The Trend doesn’t have enough data to estimate more about its selling price, and total sales.

This means it’s the perfect time to start selling this product, as it is still very much unknown to the world!

Most likely, a Shopify store started testing this product, sales began piling up, and the product started to gain more interest.

French bulldogs, or especially corgis are very famous internet dog breeds. You could do wonders selling this product by promoting it using Instagram or TikTok influencers.

  • Unique: very. Despite the popularity of these dogs, you’re unlikely to see a mug like this in a shop as it is a very niche product. The 3D effect, and lid + mug + spoon combination is what makes this product unique as well.
  • Giftable: yes! As much as these dog breeds are trending in the digital world, they’re also popular in the real world. Usually, people are very vocal about the things they like, like their favorite breeds. People are likely to know their friend is a corgi lover and gift them a mug like this.

11. Makeup Brush Cleaner

makeup brush cleaner

Click here to see a Shopify store already selling this item.

Sadly, we’re already at our last product example of the list. And it’s the makeup brush cleaner.

A very common issue in the beauty industry is keeping the makeup brushes clean and sterilized. Many don’t know exactly when and how to clean the brushes. Some are too lazy to.

This product solves that problem. You can simply insert your brush into the bowl and an automatic spinning procedure begins. It’s a feast for the eyes, and a solution to a problem! Win win, if ya ask me.

  • Unique: very. The common brush cleaning method is directly under tap water, scrubbing the old makeup away with soap. You cannot find an automatic cleaner in the shops.
  • Giftable: yes! The beauty brush cleaner is yet another product in the beauty niche. And again, women love shopping for new beauty gadgets. Especially when they’re actually helpful, and entertaining!

Wrap up

So, there you go! 11 dropshipping Christmas product examples.

I hope you had fun reading this article as much as I had making it. And I hope you found something useful in it, that you could implement right away.

We talked about why it’s important to use the Christmas period to its full capacity, and how COVID-19 might influence this time.

So, you should know now that Christmas time is a period that can be measured up to 1 trillion USD in e-commerce sales, and you should definitely get a slice of that pie!

And as an entrepreneur, you should bear in mind that we are facing trying times, and your products have to reflect the times we’re in. So, maybe don’t gift trips, and vacations this year and stick to physical items.

Remember, the products showcased in this article are for inspiration mostly. Of course, you are welcome to sell these and make them profitable! But the goal was to show you that:

  • giftable
  • luxury
  • toy/hobby
  • customizable
  • unique

products win during this season!

I trialed the Sell The Trend software in order to compile this list. But you definitely don’t need it for a successful dropshipping business.

Read this guide if you want to find out more about how to find winning dropshipping products for free.

Comment if you have further additions, products I’ve missed, products you’ve profited on, or stories you want to share!

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