How To Get 30 Day Shopify Free Trial In 2020?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are in the process of launching an e-commerce store. And you’re (obviously) interested in how to get the Shopify free trial of 30 days in 2020.

In other words – make the most out of it.


And yes, it is still possible to do this in 2020!

Shopify is a wonderful platform to have your store on as it takes care of literally everything starting from hosting to design of your website.

It also offers a free Shopify trial to head start your sales.

The only thing left to do for you is to click a few buttons and give your store some flavor.

You can read here to hear why business owners recommend using Shopify.

However, Shopify is not the only great platform for e-commerce. Read here for top 10 Shopify alternatives.

You may also be here because you specifically want to start a dropshipping store. You’re testing a product and simply don’t want to pay monthly Shopify fees until you’re sure that the product is worth it!

Haven’t heard of dropshipping? Read here about what it is and how it works in 2020.

shopify plans

Shopify plans are notoriously expensive.

You could benefit much more by spending that 30 USD on marketing, which is one of the heftiest costs when it comes to dropshipping. A common mistake beginners make is underestimating marketing costs.

There is a way, however, to get nearly a month long free Shopify trial! Read on to find out how.

Why Choose Shopify?

I will run through some of my personal favorite benefits of using Shopify.

This is certainly not an all-inclusive list, but just why I chose it for my dropshipping stores instead of all the other alternatives.

  • Great Customer Support

Shopify is trusted by more than 1 million business owners around the world. And not without reason. I contacted them a few times already, and each time got an extremely friendly and helpful response within hours.

They can help with anything and everything. They’re incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and always available to lend a hand. I feel that their level of customer service is what makes me solid in my decision to choose Shopify in the first place.

Stephanie, Phylogeny Art

Shopify customer support is awesome! It’s incredibly reassuring knowing they are there when you step out in to unfamiliar waters when editing your online shop. You get more done.

Dyan Dowling, Brevar Design
  • Easy Non-Techy Set-up

Shopify has a great collection of free and paid themes in their arsenal. And you certainly don’t need a paid theme to get started and get stales.

shopify free themes

Free themes come together with the store and are available on the click of a button.

You certainly don’t need to be a web design guru to be able to make a good looking store. Everything works with the help of sections and widgets that you apply to your template store.

If you’re still struggling to make your first store, watch this video:

There are many similar videos on the web! Another perk of using Shopify.

It’s so wide-spread that you’ll find support on whatever issue you’re facing, and speed up your development.

  • Handles Everything

Shopify truly handles everything necessary for your e-commerce store.

Unlike WordPress, Shopify’s dashboard is simple.

Mine looks like this:

shopify side bar

As you can see, Shopify has in-built tools to assist with placing orders, uploading products, handling customer data, analytics of your store, marketing, adding discounts, and apps – additional store functionality.

It also supports editing of your online store and connecting it to your Facebook or Google ad accounts.

  • Purely Optimised For E-commerce

Shopify is fully decking down on sales.

WordPress is an all-encompassing platform for anything on the web. It’s highly customizable, but kinda misses the point of e-commerce.

Shopify is very straightforward when it comes to marketing tactics and tracking customer behavior. It is also great with SEO and makes it simple!

For any website SEO is key and Shopify allows for SEO everywhere (product photos, collection photos, product listing tags etc.). I’ve only had my Shopify shop open for a month now and I’m already showing up in the first page of search!


Shopify easily connects with Google Analytics for even more in-depth customer behavior tracking.

shopify marketing apps

It offers you tips and apps to better marketing and e-commerce sales.

  • In-Built Store Analytics

At the bare minimum, Shopify offers you a powerful look at your sales.

shopify analytics

This is very valuable, and you don’t need to install/configure anything on your site. These analytics are automatically turned on your website, and collected from your first sale.

You can see the reported earnings from sales over time, online conversion rate, added to cart sessions, reached checkout, converted sessions.

Even your best selling product, sales by social source, top referrers, online sessions, average order value, sessions by location, returning customers and much much more are included in this analytics package!

Shopify is optimised for sales, and that’s 100% what you’re after when you start dropshipping.

  • Integrations / Sales Channels

Shopify integrates with a bunch of useful sales channels, which help track the audience that is likely to buy your items. Shopify then feeds the data from the site to your sales channel resulting in more “seasoned”, better converting audiences.

The Facebook Pixel and Google Ads integrations will be your most valuable ones when you dropship with Shopify.

  • Shopify App Store

In May 2020, Shopify announced there are now 4200 apps on their app store. That’s a whooping number!

If you’re not familiar with apps, they are third-party extensions offered to increase functionality of your site.

I personally dislike paying for Shopify apps, especially when I just start a dropshipping store. Each of the paid apps can charge as much as 10 USD a month so the costs really do add up.

As always, I recommend going the free route, and leave the budget for marketing!

Some of the free apps I usually use are:

  • AliExpress Review Importer
  • Product Reviews
  • Auto Multi Currency Converter
  • Oberlo
  • Quantity Breaks Now

I will not go into them now, but I like to keep it simple.

The apps I use to deal with review importing, setting discounts, converting currencies, and integrating with Oberlo.

You don’t want your page looking scammy with multiple desperate “please buy now or never” banners.

  • Shopify Self Updates

Shopify is a very solid platform. It doesn’t allow as much customisation as WordPress, which is somewhat of a “one fits all” solution. However, you rarely experience website problems, allowing you to focus your all on selling!

When I was deciding between Shopify and WordPress, I wanted to go down the WordPress route, because I do love to design!

But then I realize that would deter me from the actual business side of things. So, really, Shopify takes care of security, updates and lets you focus on things that bring you profit.

Past Trials

Shopify used to offer a bunch of lengthy trials before. The current 14-day trial is really not sufficient to get the shop up and running.

They regularly announce new trial programs that you should keep an eye on.

Quite recently as a response to Covid-19, Shopify announced the 90-Day Trial, which was running for quite the while. I thought I would be able to grab a bite of the pie, but by the time I was ready to launch the store the offer was gone!

It was so upsetting!

I’m sure whoever managed to take advantage of the deal made quite some income during the toughest period of 2020.

As of now (05/10/2020), Shopify is not officially offering any other trials than the standard 14 Day Free trial for first time customers.

Or are they?

How To Get The 30 Day Free Trial?

So, the best thing you can do for yourself as a beginner dropshipper is to save as much money as possible.

There is a way to extend the standard 14-Day Free Trial by 2 more weeks! Making it almost a month of free Shopify in 2020.

Now you’d think that 29 USD is not anything much, but when you dropship, you’ll be testing a bunch of different products. Some of the best converting dropshipping stores are 1 product stores. So, you’d have to pop out a store for each and every product you test.

10 products – 10 stores – 290 USD monthly. That’s a crazy price to pay.

Crazy money bringing you no sales whatsoever! There is a way to dropship with no money, so an extended trial could be exactly the time you need to figure out how to get sales with no marketing expenses.

So, the way to get the Shopify free trial is…

By asking!

No joke.

You must be thinking that surely I’m pulling your leg by now, but lets go through this step by step.

1. Create a store

Well, this one you cannot go around. You’ll have to go and set up a store with Shopify. You’ll get the standard free 14-Day Trial.

2. Wait for a week or so

Keep doing what you do. Create your store, launch marketing campaigns. Keep on living off that free 14 day dough!

3. Contact Shopify Support

Head on to the Shopify Support page.

shopify support page

Click on Contact Support.

If it prompts you to log in, then do so. Then, select your store.

Write something into the search box. Something like “account extension”.

Scroll down and click continue.

shopify get support

Select to E-mail Shopify, and send them a message!

Now, regarding the message you should send.

I didn’t follow any template, just appealed to their feelings. I’ve been told they extend Shopify free trials for the customers that ask, so I tried to be nice about it!

My message went like this:


I have created my first Shopify store and it has been a big learning process.

The store is still in its infancy and it took me longer than I expected to get it where it is now.

Despite all that, I got my 1st sale on my 1st day of advertising.

I would like to ask if the 14 days free Shopify trial could be extended for 2 more weeks?

I am aware you were offering 90 day free trials not long ago and an option to extend the trial by 2 more weeks a while back.

If it cannot be extended, I am afraid I would have to close my store as the fees from marketing + Shopify costs would be too high for my budget at the moment.

Thank you and kind regards

None of it was a lie! All genuinely felt emotions.

I quickly heard back from Shopify.

Shopify’s response went like this:

shopify support response

You just have to read the text in bold.


Well there you have it!

The rule of “if you want something in life – ask for it” applies strongly in this case.

Don’t write off something as impossible before acting on it.

Many people are quick to jump on the “does this still work in…”, “is it still worth it in…” bandwagon. The answer is – YES.

The Shopify free trial for 4 weeks still works in 2020! And how do I know that? Because I went on, created a store, reached out to their support, and got a response back.

Shopify is a great platform for your dropshipping business. And as long as you put in the effort, and act on kindness – they will reward you as a valued member of their community!

Chin up, and I wish you success with Q4 2020!

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