Are Dropshipping Courses Worth It In 2020?

Online courses have always been a debatable subject. People have always asked the question “are dropshipping courses worth it?”. Even now, when the world is in shambles many don’t seem to think remote studies are a good method of education.

Dropshipping courses get a bad reputation from “gurus” who sell courses for high prices and scam people for thousands of dollars.

The problem with people is that they think buying a course is almost guaranteed success, which is not the case at all. But that’s the way it is with the “get rich quick mentality”

Now, let’s demystify dropshipping courses. Are they good or a big “no no”?

What is dropshipping?

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If you’ve come so far, and you’re looking for dropshipping courses, chances are you already know what dropshipping is.

However, it may be that it’s 2020, you’re desperate. You googled “dropshipping”, and are now thinking it’s a get rich quick guarantee, so you’re looking for courses.

Worry not, we’ve all been there!

Well, dropshipping is a product fulfillment model, where you act as a middleman between the supplier and the buyer. You’re an exclusive digital marketer that finds a passionate niche for a product you want to sell.

Whatever guru told you it’s a get rich quick scheme can kiss my a**…

Another thing you should know about dropshipping is that it’s not dead. And it’s never going to be dead. (You might’ve read this somewhere as well)

Do you know why it’s not dead? Because it’s a fulfillment business model. And literally, every brand in the world has been using it since kingdom come. Except they slap their brand names on the products, which is what you want to do as well once you start getting traffic!

If you want to read more about dropshipping, you can read about it here.

Now let’s move on with the rest of this article.

What are dropshipping “gurus”?

Dropshipping “gurus” are people who claim to be dropshipping specialists but are not. Hence the quotation marks around the word “gurus”.

They’re fake!

It’s very hard to spot genuine knowledge on the internet, so noticing these people can be hard. Sometimes even genuine people display themselves in a clickbait-y way to get attention. That’s just how the internet works! It’s cunning.

So how to spot these people?

Well, look for red flags like:

  • Vomit-inducing repetition of the word “masterclass”
  • Clams of having built 7-8-9-10 figure business
  • “check course in my bio”
  • Casually flashing Lambos and Teslas in the garage, *cough cough* Tai Lopez *cough cough*
  • Anything that literally seems too good to be true

Again, some people even though they display some of these flags can be genuine. But you have to develop an inquisitive eye, and don’t believe them when they claim to have built 6-7 figure businesses.

They usually refer to their pre-tax revenue when they speak about those numbers. Average dropshipping profits sit at 15%, and even then they are subject to business taxes. So, these “guru” folk make the bulk of their money from their courses

Their courses don’t come cheap. Selling a course worth 600$ to an audience of 100k people with an imaginative 1% conversion rate (pretty low by the way), can yield 1000 purchases. So 1000 x 600 = 600 000. That’s 600k just by promoting the course to your audience.

This is simple maths.

There is nothing wrong with selling a course. But you have to be able to back it up. You have to practice what you preach. You can’t create a course and advertise 6-7 figures when the course itself is THE business generating you money.

There are, however, people on YouTube that are making decent money with dropshipping and other online ventures. I will refer to them later in the article!

Are there good paid dropshipping courses?

I never personally paid for a dropshipping course, and not sure if I ever will. Therefore, I will have to judge the usefulness of the courses I will evaluate by opinions on the internet.

First of all, dropshipping course prices range from peanuts to thousands. That by itself should tell you a lot about the nature of online courses.

There is no set price for what they should be. The price is mainly dictated by the entrepreneurial level of greed.

I will also say that many paid courses exist somewhere on the internet for free. (You didn’t hear that from me though).

A bought a couple of courses for way cheaper on eBay, because someone was illegally re-selling them on there. I’ll not give out any names though! And I know that doing that, or encouraging that is a pretty scummy thing to do!

But as a broke student, I didn’t know any better. And ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Biaheza’s Course – $294

Biaheza is one of the YouTube entrepreneurial masterminds. The guy’s only a kid and he earns enough to gamble with $100k doing trying random investment strategies.

He may resemble a dropshipper “guru” kinda person, and to be honest, he does joke a lot about these. It is almost guaranteed to meet a Tai Lopez reference in every video of his.

Even without purchasing his course, you can learn a lot about dropshipping by binge-watching his YouTube videos. And trust me when I say binge watch because he is prime entertainment.

His sense of humor has amassed him nearly 650k subscribers.

As for his course, it costs $294, and you can find it here.

My review:

The course is updated now, so granted it has more info. I watched the course last year, and I only got beginner information out of it. It would be enough to get started, but is it worth $294? No. A bunch of YouTubers (him included) cover everything that he mentions in the course.

Udemy Courses – $10 (when there’s a sale)

Now Udemy is the Holy Grail for cheap courses all ’round. In my opinion, courses on Udemy can be kinda hit-or-miss.

It does, however, have an abundance of dropshipping courses available, but many of them (I reckon) barely scratch the surface.

Oh, and what do we have here?

dropshipping guru
dropshipping guru

I think we have ourselves some dropshipping “gurus”.

What did I tell ya?

Stay away from the red flags. Fancy lambos, “ultimate” “mastery” courses. There is no way to “predictably find 7-figure dropshipping products”. Sure, you can get better at spotting them, but even the experts fail at nailing them down every time.

Don’t be fooled by the bravado language of words such as “predictably” or “ultimate”. It’s clickbait, it’s normal. But take it with a pinch of salt.

There are a couple of courses that I would recommend, however.

Build a Dropshipping Empire From Scratch [Proven Blueprint] by Theo McArthur

theo mcarthur course

The reason why I recommend this course is because of the instructor. I completed Theo’s Amazon FBA course that I purchased for a measly $10. Back in those days all the other Amazon FBA courses cost thousands.

I even had one call me up and laugh at the fact that I’d only spend $500 max for a course. Yea. I know. Ridiculous.

I know how in-depth Theo likes to go, and how helpful she is as instructor. She has a pristine ranking and answers every little question she gets.

I know that because she answered every question I had! She also emphasizes not spending thousands as the others do, and riding off of viral content rather than paid ads.

The course syllabus also looks great, and includes information about sourcing Banggood and AliExpres alike.

The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass 2.0 by Robin & Jesper

robin & jesper course

I actually have this course in my Udemy course galore. And I completely forgot about it!

Don’t know if that says anything about the course, but again, it is information that barely scratches the surface.

I believe, at the time I started watching YouTube videos, and reading blogs. Those helped me warm the dropshipping waters much faster than this course so I… didn’t have time to finish it!

The marketing strategy introduced in this course is Facebook ads. So, expect to spend a lot to be able to test or scale your stores if you choose to go with this course. Because Facebook ads have a steeep learning curve.

The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship course by Tim Sharp

tim sharp course

This course has even more students than Theo McArthur’s! It’s a bestseller in the dropshipping field, and that must prove it’s doing something right.

The course goes in-depth about dropshipping from AliExpress and it goes through the whole journey – from an idea to a business to a brand to being sold to somebody else.

The marketing strategy presented in this course is also Facebook ads, but it explains when to know that you got yourself a winning product, and should scale your ads, or whether you should kill them off right away.

Tim Sharp has a pristine reputation, and has been an online entrepreneur since 2004 so by now he should know what he’s doing. He has even more students than Theo.

And he doesn’t showcase his lambo! How cool is that.

Note for Udemy courses: always buy courses when there’s a sale. Or search for coupon codes. Udemy very often runs sales during which every course costs no more than $10. So, instead of spending $200 for the lengthy courses, you can spend 20 times less!

Dropshipping Lifestyle – $2,997/$4,997

dropship lifestyle course

Now, if you feel terribly burnt out and you’re dyyyyying to escape the 9-5, AND you’ve got a decent amount of savings to last you a decent amount of time (maybe one year)

AND you’re PUMPED to create some change in your life, and werk it

THEN you can try the Dropshipping Lifestyle course.

(If not, please read away and don’t ruin your life by purchasing expensive courses and adding debt)

This is the holy mama of all dropshipping courses. Priced at $2,997 (lowest) and $4,997 (highest) it is one of the most expensive dropshipping textbooks I’ve seen.

This course is great for people who are serious about dropshipping and are eager to go to great lengths for it. Which should be the mentality of each and every one of us that wants to succeed.

If you want a complete blueprint and highly converting store in 21 days, and have all the things I mentioned above – this course is for you.

This course allowed thousands of people to quit their jobs, and Anton Kraly – the creator of this whole machine – has students in every continent of the world.

This course includes:

  • Dropship Lifestyle Blueprint
  • Anton’s dropshipping supplier directory
  • Shopify design course
  • Niche research, market analyzation, how to get approved by suppliers, etc.
  • Google ads training
  • Ticket to course’s annual retreat (Premium plan)
  • Done-for-you Shopify store
  • 1 year of private coaching

Here’s a painstaking review of the whole course by someone that took it, so read it before making any purchases.

What about free courses?

People are not known to throw around free information.

Or are they?

There is actually a bunch of free content. Most often it is just floating about in the vast waters of the digital world, and it is up to us to find it and connect the dots.

Courses are just a way to have all the information in one place. And the information is organized in a chronological manner, where one topic follows another in a way that makes sense.

Good news, though! Oberlo’s got yo back. Oberlo made its dropshipping 101 course free due to COVID-19 and it seems it’s here to stay. The free status, I mean.

Oberlo 101 – Build your first online store – FREE

oberlo dropshipping 101

This is a free dropshipping course worth a total of 2 h and 17 min of your time.

It is narrated by Jessica Guzik who is the Social and Video Marketing Lead for Shopify.

What I like about the course is that it is practical. Jessica goes step by step through each and every important part of a dropshipping eCom business. But instead of just theorizing, she goes and builds a site of her own.

She then launches Facebook ads and explains how to analyze and react to the data they provide. She troubleshoots, brainstorms, theorizes why her sales may be slow and what may be wrong. After that, she implements changes based on her hypotheses.

I have not seen any YouTuber, or free course, or anyone do anything of the sort!

She explains and showcases everything at a beginner level. The website she creates is certainly not the work of some A++ designer. And she proves that it is still possible to make sales as an absolute beginner if you keep a level head and logically assess your situation.

Definitely recommend this course to any beginner! The course nails the whole process down. Afterwards, you only need to read around Reddit, blogs, YouTube for some innovative ideas.

How to learn about dropshipping for free?

Like I’ve mentioned before, there is a ton of information floating about online.

It is unstructured, but extremely valuable because it’s regular people like me and you who made progress and are now sharing it with the rest of the world.

I learned 90% of what I know about dropshipping from FREE online resources.

Mainly because I was broke! And marketing is very expensive. So, in the beginning, it’s hard to invest a lot of money into a course.


I will mention a couple of YouTubers I religiously follow and who helped me a lot in my dropshipping journey.


biaheza youtube


  • Dropshipping challenges i.e. 24 hour challenge, $0-10k online challenge
  • Investing videos i.e. trying a bunch of strategies, trading signals
  • Trying various side-hustles
  • Instagram theme pages
  • Rental property investment
  • Youtube growth strategies

J Rich

j rich youtube


  • Dropshipping challenges i.e. 24 hour challenge, $0-10k online challenge
  • Trying various side-hustles

Sara Finance

sara finance youtube


  • Dropshipping challenges i.e. 24 hour challenge, 1 week dropshipping challenge
  • Investing, stock market, investment portfolio

Wholesale Ted

wholesale ted youtube


  • Websites to make money online
  • Print on demand
  • Dropshipping
  • Teespring, Redbubble
  • Passive income
  • Dropshipping products & suppliers
  • Credit cards

The eCom King

the ecom king youtube


  • Dropshipping blueprint
  • Long dropshipping A-Zs
  • Dropshipping top products
  • Dropshipping challenges
  • Facebook ad strategies
  • Google docs templates of dropshipping site layouts


I was lucky to stumble upon a brilliant blog quite early in my dropshipping journey so I only ever followed a couple of blogs, not more.

Do Dropshipping

do dropshipping blog

This blog is hands down one of the best resources for dropshipping of any kind. You only need to read its Shopify Dropshipping Complete Guide to be showered with so much information you can bathe in it for days.

The website is written by a Dutch guy named Richard who I keep in contact with, and he’s the most helpful online individual I have come across!

He wants to put an end to the “dropshipping gurus” careers and has been a big inspiration for the start of Can I Dropship.

He has recently grown enough to enhance his team to a flock of 5 people, and that is pure testimony to the quality of his blog and his success!


oberlo blog

Oberlo is not only a necessary Shopify app, it is also a whole ass website and a blog!

Aside from having a full course, Oberlo boasts a blog with a large array of information. Oberlo’s reputation allows it to feature various successful dropshippers that share their stories and allow us to learn from their mistakes, and replicate what they did well.


Reddit is a pot of gold.

I have never been much of a fan of Reddit. I have always thought that Reddit is a pit of snobs and people who are eager to argue with somebody. Just constantly agitated.

But I was very wrong! Reddit is great! Ever since I got into e-Commerce I have been on the look for brilliant subreddits, and until now I keep finding more and more value there.

Subreddits I follow:

  • r/reviewmyshopify
  • r/dropship
  • r/juststart
  • r/ecommerce
  • r/shopify

So, are dropshipping courses worth it in 2020?


Yes, and no.

And you thought there’d be an easy answer, did you?

I’d put it this way: you don’t need a dropshipping course to be successful. But are some dropshipping courses worth it? I believe so.

The co-founder of ClickFunnels Russel Brunson said this:

“Those who pay, pay attention. And the more they pay, the closer attention they pay.”

And it is true. All of us are lazy. Motivation is fleeting. Dropshipping is not something where you can see overnight success.

When we go to a regular 9-5 job we have a community. We have people to talk to, things to gossip about. We have a contract, and a salary that keeps us obligated to work. That keeps us forced to work.

Free information is not the same. People keep telling you to take it slowly, take it step by step. But then you end up wasting time. You drift away from the real purpose. The truth is – you will take things 100 times more seriously if you know you paid a lot to have them.

Take university education as an example. No matter which country you are in, you pay thousands to get it. Dropshipping online courses are no different.

There needs to be a healthy amount of forcefulness to keep the drive going, someone, or something to keep us accountable.

No matter how much inner motivation and drive you have, you will fail if you keep at this alone!

So, to reiterate – you don’t need a dropshipping course to be successful at dropshipping. However, enrolling in a dropshipping course can be worth your money.

But make sure to research it, study the syllabus, and don’t re-learn what you already know!

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