Must Have Chrome Extensions For Dropshippers

8 Must Have FREE Chrome Extensions For Dropshippers

If you’re using a Chrome web browser (which you most likely are), you can certainly benefit from some of these FREE Chrome extensions for dropshippers!

I am not really a fan of extensions, since they take up computer RAM, and make it run slower. Therefore, I made sure to pick only the most useful, necessary Chrome extensions for dropshippers you should be using as they will save you a lot of time and research.

Now, if you’re eager to make your dropshipping business more efficient, let’s get crackin’ with this article!

P.S. The list will not be ordered by the rank of importance, since these extensions have varying applications.

1. ColorZilla

When you have a dropshipping business, you’ll most likely be making a ton of Shopify or WordPress stores.

This extension will come in handy if you want to inspect any color of the web. Maybe you’ll be eyeing a competitor’s store and stumble upon a hue that suits your palette (pun intended).

You could, of course, go through a tedious process of inspecting the source code and copying hex code from the CSS.

But with ColorZilla you can do the same with just 2 clicks. Win win. Time saving. Efficiency.

Another neat feature is that ColorZilla saves your recently pinned colors, so if you need it again but afraid you’ve copied over, fear not! ColorZilla will have it stashed for you.

You can download the ColorZilla extension here.

2. Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector is a great Chrome extension for dropshippers used to analyse competitor sites if they’re built and hosted on the Shopify platform.

It doesn’t only show a site’s best selling products, Shopify theme, and estimated traffic. It also has trending product data and posts getting the most traction on Facebook.

Since I’m writing this post in September, the products that are trending are Q4 winning products for Christmas and Halloween.

And yes, people start buying for these holidays months in advance! It was a surprise for me too.

There is a “Top Products” section as well, which is surprisingly quite different from the “Top Posts” one, so I can only assume that the data for these products must’ve been collected months prior.

If a site is not hosted on Shopify, you’ll get this message.

If you notice, some of the top brands in the world are hosted on Shopify!

Kylie Cosmetics, Gymshark, Morphe.

It’s crazy.

Let’s check Gymshark, and inspect their site with Commerce Inspector.

Gymshark is attracting a stunning number of 4 million monthly shoppers.

Some of its best products is the female seamless collection.

To no surprise – women love to buy gym clothes! Can confirm.

Most popular colours are usually neutral black, white and grey tones, so that isn’t much of a surprise either.

You won’t get such good data from every e-commerce site with Commerce Inspector.

The site has to be a high earning brand for you to be able to have such rich analytics. But each site should have its bestsellers listed!

You can download the Commerce Inspector extension here.

3. Oberlo

If you’re dropshipping with AliExpress and Shopify, the Oberlo web extension for dropshippers is crucial.

It quickly shows the shipping information of any AliExpress product once you’re on its listing.

Another thing it allows you to do is to one-click import AliExpress products to your store.

It works by clicking a small blue Oberlo button at the bottom of the screen. Your chosen product then gets saved to the “Import List”.

Then, you’re free to edit product description, variants, images you want to keep. All of it is done automatically for you free of charge, so there’s no copy pasting involved.

Oberlo as a service offers even more than that. Once you create an account, you can browse products to sell online, look at their data based on other dropshippers, and it’s absolutely free of charge until you start scaling.

You can read more about Oberlo here.

You can download the Oberlo extension here.

4. SimilarWeb

Another in the list of Chrome extensions for dropshippers is SimilarWeb, which is a great tool for competitor traffic analysis.

This extension gives you monthly traffic data for literally any site on the web. The site doesn’t have to be on Shopify’s platform!

Of course, this data is not 100% accurate, and works the best for larger sites, above 100k monthly visitors. So, take the numbers with a pinch of salt.

Above you can see the data for Facebook.

Whooping 24 billion monthly visitors.

Could you even imagine that many people ?..

I like to compare the data from this tool with Commerce Inspector’s data to guesstimate the most accurate number.

This tool also gives you the traffic share per country, traffic source – direct, search, email, referral or others.

And if you follow a tiny link at the bottom of the extension page, it takes you to even more detailed analytics of the site.

Scroll all the way down and follow that button, it’ll take you to a page that looks like this.

This data can give you heaps of ideas what kind of marketing you should do on your own site. Because, what works for your competitors, can easily work for you too!

SimilarWeb also has a paid plan, which allows you to see deeper analytics. But, I’m not a fan of paying for extensions. Especially not at the start of your dropshipping journey. Its free version is sufficient enough!

You can download the SimilarWeb extension here.

5. WeFind

WeFind is my newest discovery out of this list of Chrome extensions for dropshippers.

It’s a completely free (for now at least) influencer marketing analytics tool. It works on Instagram and YouTube audiences alike.

There’s a bunch of advanced features like organising influencer data automatically, without having to write it down manually on a spreadsheet.

However, I think the most useful tool is the engagement calculator, which allows you to determine influencers with genuine followers.

WeFind threads through all the influencer posts, follower number, likes, comments.

I doubt this data could be fabricated or untrusted. These numbers are publicly available for everyone, but an app can process them much faster than our human brain!

So, you can pretty much trust the data it gives, and find the best influencers for your brand.

You can download the WeFind extension here.

6. Alitools

There’s really a bunch of Chrome extensions for dropshippers made specifically for those that use AliExpress. This one is no exception!

AliExpress is known for its cheap prices, but long and horrid shipping times. Suppliers have to be chosen carefully. Many of them speak poor English, and can anger your customers by not responding to your queries sent to them.

Alitools is a great little extension that gives quick intel into a specific AliExpress supplier.

It allows you to track product price.

See seller review analytics. There’s some conclusions Alitools compiles into a bullet point list for your convenience.

It also allows you to see similar suppliers and sort them in various different ways based on your budget and needs.

I guess the most interesting feature this little extension offers is the “Find on Aliexpress” option. It allows you to check an image to see whether something exists on AliExpress.

It’s a great tool for when you want to check whether your competitor is dropshipping via AliExpress.

You simply need to right click on a desired picture and select the “Find on AliExpress” option.

I decided to try out this fake product design by Louis Voutton. It’s an artsy sausage – a depiction of what a sausage would look like if designed by Louis Voutton.

The tool did not disappoint. AliExpress does have some Louis Voutton sausage-y products!

You can download the Alitools extension here.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly makes you a better writer!

You probably heard of Grammarly already. At some point they were reigning all over YouTube ads.

Now, I shied away from Grammarly for a while, because I thought the in-built language correction tools in the browser are sufficient for me.

But I am not a native speaker, and maybe you aren’t either! Even if you are, when you’re spending hours peering at your dropshipping store, there might be things that just slip by.

You can’t have mistakes in your product listings and advertisements. That would cause customers to mistrust your site, and making crappy stores is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Grammarly doesn’t only correct misspelled words, it also corrects style. Suggests alternative words where you can’t think of any.

Grammarly is also trialing out tone detection in order to help you understand how your speech sounds.

After writing paragraph after paragraph you might lose a sense of style, and Grammarly is there to objectively slap it at your face.

Grammarly also has a premium paid plan, but you must know by now what I think about paying for extensions. You don’t need it now!

You can download the Grammarly extension here.

8. JungleScout (PAID)

Jungle Scout is the only paid extension for this list. But it does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. It isn’t a free trial, but kind of works like one.

P.S. I know the list was meant to be free, but I didn’t want to make an additional post just for this one extension!

12 million products exist on Amazon as of 2020.

53% of them are third-party sellers like me and you.

These stats make Amazon a great product research tool. Unfortunately, I don’t believe a free Amazon analytics tool exists as of now.

Jungle Scout is a great extension for Amazon product research. It is the original Amazon analytics tool. If you want to eventually create a brand or dropship on Amazon it may be a good fit for you.

I have the lite plan that I bought a few years ago back when Jungle Scout extension was a one time payment.

It offers me basic insights into Amazon products.

Above is the information it gives me for an Amazon Basics product. Total reviews, monthly sales, revenue, comments, correct category, etc.

It allows you to correctly gauge the traffic and revenue of your competitors! And Amazon is surely one tough competitor.

Download the Jungle Scout extension here.


I hope you found something useful in this post.

I use all 8 of these Chrome extensions for dropshippers in my daily grind.

But don’t feel pressured to install any yourself.

Whenever I get confronted by a big extension list, I feel overwhelmed and forced to use them all! I mean, they’re all so so very useful, right?

Remember, the key is to find what works for you.

All of these extensions exist to make your life easier. So, if they don’t fit your life, don’t use them.

If you let them sit on your browser, they’ll run automatically, flood your computer, and ruin your life!

Just joking, of course.

Keep grinding. Keep trying. And I wish you the biggest success!

Feel free to comment on which ones you use yourself, think are the most useful, or which I could still add to the list!